Caitie Hannan Square.jpg

Caitie Hannan

Denver, CO

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Caitie Hannan has rapidly been making a name for herself as a rising star within her hometown scene. Caitie has endeared local and national audiences to her particular brand of humor that is at times both sardonic and self-effacing. In 2017, Hannan was an MVP of the Funny Final Four contest at the prestigious Comedy Works, and she can regularly be seen at venues performing alongside notable acts including Hannibal Burress and David Huntsberger. A podcast favorite, Caitie has made appearances on Ice Cream Social as well as The Revisionists. Hannan currently hosts a weekly comedy open mic at the tres chic Syntax Physic Opera and co-produces and co-hosts the successful monthly showcase Designated Drunkard, a drinking game artfully disguised as comedy.