Festival Venues

It isn’t just the natural beauty that makes Trinidad such a special place. With a unique city layout, spectacular architecture and a number of historical landmarks, use this festival as your opportunity to explore some of the amazing sites to be seen in the area, including many of the festival venues!


BRIX Sport’s Bar & Grill

Brix is a locally owned sports bar/restaurant that is located in Trinidad's Downtown Historical District. The recently renovated building has exposed brick walls,stained concrete floors, steel accents,12 beers on  tap and  8  60' plasma high definition TVs. Brix serves a broad selection of fine American food including steaks, salads, sandwiches, and homemade Gourmet Burgers. 

SWC Jujo's Pub.JPG

JuJo’s PUB

Where the locals go! This is THE place for enjoying the company of the people who worked the coal mines of Sopris, Morley and Cokedale, built Trinidad's businesses and raised families instilled with the values of a small town!  Read the names of mining town reunions on the wall banners.  ATM and free parking at the bank across the street.  Great service and stories of local lore!

SWC Las Animas Cafe.JPG

Las Animas Grill

A cultural hub of Trinidad, Las Animas Grill brings a freshly made menu, craft beers and cocktails with excellent customer service!


SCRT: Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre

Located in the historic town of Trinidad, Colorado, the SCRT is southern Colorado's theatrical jewel. It produces a pro summer season, a year-round resident season, and youth-oriented programs throughout the year. www.SCRTheatre.org

SWC Mooses.JPG

Moose’s Martini Bar & Social Club

Known for their overflowing martini’s and excellent food, Moose’s is a bistro for everyone. Eight Buck Lunch. Gooey sandwiches, light gourmet touches, nothing fussy.

SWC Carnegie Public Library.JPG

Carnegie Public Library: Trinidad

Built over 100 years ago, the Carnegie Public Library in Trinidad, Colorado has remained an essential fixture of the community since it first opened it’s doors in October 1904.